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Laura Donner, HOA President

Woodvine HOA President

Laura Donner volunteered for the HOA Board shortly after relocating from Connecticut back in 2016. This is Laura's fifth year volunteering on the Board. She has served as Vice President for the past two years and was elected as President for 2022. Laura maintains the Woodvine Neighborhood HOA facebook page and website. She serves as the primary planner for social events such as neighborhood movie nights and outdoor socials. When asked why she volunteers her time on the Board she stated, "Woodvine is a great neighborhood to live in. It's beautiful and we have great people who really do look out for each other. I want to do everything that I can to make sure that Woodvine remains one of the best neighborhoods to live in". Laura is married and has two children. She also works fulltime at UCO.

(860) 308-6556

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